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The World List of Cycads
A Comprehensive Taxonomic Reference


Author(s) Year Title Publication Page(s) Illustration(s) Comment(s) Abstract
Dalzell, C 2008 Encephalartos horridus in situ Cycad Newslett. 31(1): 8

Haynes, JL 2008 Encephalartos horridus in South Florida Cycad Newslett. 31(1): 9

Holzman, G 2008 Encephalartos horridus in Hawaii Cycad Newslett. 31(1): 7-8

Hutchinson, J; Rattray, G 1933 Cycadaceae Fl. Cap. (Harvey) 5(2): 24-44

32, 34 Description
Kemp, M 1986 Focus on Encephalartos horridus Encephalartos 7: 8-13

Lehmann, JG 1834 De plantis cycadeis, praesertim Africae Australis View in Biodiversity Heritage Library Nov. Stirp. Pug. 6: 1-14

14 Protologue description
Levine, M; Loewenstein, L 2008 Encephalartos horridus, the Eastern Cape blue cycad Cycad Newslett. 31(1): 4-7

Loewenstein, L 2008 Thorny thoughts from a cycad novice Cycad Newslett. 31(1): 10

Miquel, FA 1842 Monographia Cycadearum View in Biodiversity Heritage Library Monogr. Cycad. : 1-82

57-58 Description
Miquel, FA 1861 Prodromus systematis cycadearum Prodr. Syst. Cycad. 10: 1-27

Miquel, FA 1848 Over eenige nieuwe of zeldzame Cycadeen in den Hortus Botanicus te Amsterdam. Derde gedeelte Tijdschr. Wis- Natuurk. Wetensch. Eerste Kl. Kon. Ned. Inst. Wetensch. 1(4): 197-208

Miquel, FA 1847 Collectanea nova ad cycadearum cognitionem View in Biodiversity Heritage Library Linnaea 19: 411-430

Nazor, C 2008 Growing Encephalartos horridus and E. lehmannii in Central Texas Cycad Newslett. 31(1): 10

Osborne, R 2008 Some notes on Encephalartos horridus (Jacq.) Lehm. Cycad Newslett. 31(1): 8-9

Osborne, R; Stevens, JF 1996 Epicuticular waxes and glaucousness of Encephalartos leaves. Phytochemistry 42(5): 1335-1339

Regel, EA 1876 Cycadearum generum specierumque revisio Trudy Imp. S.-Peterburgsk. Bot. Sada 4(4): 275-320

287, 293
Regel, EA 1875 Descriptiones plantarum novarum et minus cognitarum in regionibus Turkestanicis a Cl. P. et O. Fedschenko, Korolkow, Kuschakewicz et Krause collectis : Cum adnotationibus ad plantas vivas in Horto Imperiali Botanico Petropolitano cultas Trudy Imp. S.-Peterburgsk. Bot. Sada 3: 97-168

113 Description
Van Buskirk, M 2008 Growing Encephalartos horridus and E. lehmannii in South Texas Cycad Newslett. 31(1): 10

Whitelock, LM 2002 The Cycads

201-202 Plates 11, 282, 283 Description

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