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The World List of Cycads
A Comprehensive Taxonomic Reference

Accepted species

Macrozamia riedlei (Gaudich.) C.A.Gardner View taxon in Tropicos.org

Published in: Enum. Pl. Austral. Occ.: 3. 1930. (Enum. Pl. Austral. Occ. View Publication info in IPNI View Publication info  in Tropicos)

Macrozamia oldfieldii (Miq.) A.DC.

Encephalartos preissii (Lehm.) F.Muell.

Macrozamia preissii Lehm.

Encephalartos oldfieldii Miq.

Distribution: Australia (WA)

Conservation Status:

Type information

Type Location(s): HT:P

Author(s) Year Title Publication Page(s) Illustration(s) Comment(s) Abstract
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Byrne, M; Waycott, M; Hobbs, AA; James, SH 1997 Variation in ribosomal DNA within and between populations of Isotoma petraea and Macrozamia riedlei View in External Website Heredity 79: 573-583

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93 Description
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