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The World List of Cycads
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Accepted species

Zamia elegantissima Schutzman, Vovides & R.S.Adams View taxon in Tropicos.org

Published in: Phytologia 85(6): 389 (1998 publ. 21 Aug. 2003). 2003. View in Biodiversity Heritage Library (Phytologia View Publication info in IPNI View Publication info  in Tropicos)

Distribution: Panama (Colón, Kuna Yala)

Conservation Status:

Nomenclatural notes:
First published by Schutzman et al. in Phytologia 85(3): 140. 2000 [1998 publ. 2000], but nom. inval. contrary to Art. 37.6 ICBN (2000)

Type informationCollector and Number: R. Dressler 4897

Locality: Panama: Colón, 300 m, 19 Dec 1974

Type Location(s): HT:MO; IT:PMA


Author(s) Year Title Publication Page(s) Illustration(s) Comment(s) Abstract
Schutzman, B; Vovides, A; Adams, RS 2003 Validation of the name Zamia elegantissima Schutzman, Vovides, & Adams View in Biodiversity Heritage Library Phytologia 85(6): 389

389 Protologue description
Schutzman, B; Vovides, A; Adams, RS 1998 A new Zamia (Zamiaceae, Cycadales) from central Panama [Zamia elegantissima (invalid description)] View in Biodiversity Heritage Library Phytologia 85(3): 137-145

137-145 Protologue description (invalid)
Taylor, AS; Holzman, G 2012 A new Zamia species from the Panama Canal area [Zamia stevensonii] View in SpringerLink Bot. Rev. (Lancaster) 78(4): 335-344

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