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The World List of Cycads
A Comprehensive Taxonomic Reference

Accepted species

Zamia poeppigiana Mart. & Eichler View taxon in Tropicos.org

Published in: Fl. Bras. (Martius) 4(1): 414-416, t. 109. 1863. View in Biodiversity Heritage Library (Fl. Bras. (Martius) View Publication info in IPNI View Publication info  in Tropicos View Publication info  in TL-2)

Zamia wielandii J.Schust.

Zamia baraquiniana Mast.

Zamia parasitica Poepp. ex Eichler

Palmifolium poeppigianum (Mart. & Eichler) Kuntze

Distribution: Brazil (Acre), Peru (Amazonas, Huánuco, Loreto, Pasco, San Martin, Ucayali)

Conservation Status:

Type information

Type Location(s): LT:F


Author(s) Year Title Publication Page(s) Illustration(s) Comment(s) Abstract
Calderón, E; Stevenson, DW 2003 Una nueva especie del género Zamia L. (Zamiaceae), de los Andes de Colombia y clave actualizada para las especies del género en Colombia Revista Acad. Colomb. Ci. Exact. 27(105): 485-490

Included in key
Calonje, M; Esquivel, HE; Stevenson, DW; Calonje, C; Pava, D 2011 A new arborescent species of Zamia from the Central Cordillera of Tolima, Colombia (Cycadales, Zamiaceae), with comments on the Z. poeppigiana species complex [Zamia tolimensis] View in JSTOR Brittonia 63(4): 442-451

Eichler, AW 1863 Cycadeae: Zamia Fl. Bras. (Martius) 41: 413-416

414-416 t. 109 Protologue description
Lindstrom, AJ 2009 Typification of some species names in Zamia L. (Zamiaceae), with an assessment of the status of Chigua D. Stev. Taxon 58(1): 265-270

As distinct from Z. lindenii
Miquel, FA 1868 Noveaux matériaux pour servir á la connaissance des Cycadées. Cinquiéme partie, Cycadées de L'Amérique View in Biodiversity Heritage Library Arch. Néerl. Sci. Exact. Nat. 3: 417-427

Regel, EA 1876 Cycadearum generum specierumque revisio Trudy Imp. S.-Peterburgsk. Bot. Sada 4(4): 275-320

Stevenson, DW 2001 Orden Cycadales Fl. Colombia (1983+) 21: 1-91

64-66 Description
Stevenson, DW; Sabato, S 1986 Typification of names in Zamia L. and Aulacophyllum Regel (Zamiaceae) Taxon 35(3): 134-144


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